If your garage door springs no longer work as they should, or at all, then call the local spring experts that service them best; Griffin Garage Door Repair! We understand garage door springs and excel at repairing them. This is a tedious and somewhat dangerous task so we practice safety conscious service work and tackle the job expertly and masterfully. If we can repair your home or business garage door springs, we will. If the damage is too great, we can replace either or both springs so that you can once more, enjoy safe and reliable access to your garage like before.

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  • Did your garage door start to rise, only to fall back down?
  • Does your raised garage door sway when lightly touched?
  • Is your garage door stuck in the closed or open position?
  • Are you forced to park in the street or driveway because your garage door won’t open?
  • Is your car trapped inside your garage because you can’t open the door to drive out?

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Griffin Garage Door Repair can breathe new life into your tired garage door springs. With convenient service times and affordable prices, there simply is no reason to call anyone else or attempt to do the job yourself. We offer:

Griffin Garage Door Repair is your best bet for high quality, low priced garage door spring service!

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