If you are looking for high quality repair service for your home’s garage door opener then you need to give Griffin Garage Door Repair a call! Our service is simple but effective! You can save big dollars by having your opener unit fixed instead of opting for a full replacement. How can you tell which service you need? Just call our Griffin Garage Door Repair shop and we’ll be glad to diagnose the condition of your opener and its components. We offer fast, same day service, free price quotes and very affordable prices so don’t wait too long; call us today!

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Q: Are there certain indicators that my garage door opener needs repair?

A: Yes there are! Griffin Garage Door Repair offers these tips:

  • You smell burnt odors coming from your opener motor
  • Your opener unit no longer works at all
  • You hear grinding metal sounds coming from your opener chain

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How can Griffin Garage Door Repair help? Here’s how! We can diagnose the damage to your opener and replace or repair the internal components like the motor, the chain and other parts. We also can provide you with:

Call Griffin Garage Door Repair for price quotes and with any questions about our opener repairservice and start enjoying automatic access to your garage once more!

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